You want to make an investment in the “adventure market” which is still a very new market in the World. By investing in an adventure park, your priority may be to add value to your existing entertainment area, theme park, or to generate income in a new field. On the other hand, the target may also be an investment by the public institutions purely for social benefit.

Extreme Works has many years of experience in adventure park & zipline as both a manufacturer – builder and an operator. While reflecting this experience to the projects we have successfully carried out, we are pleased to provide you with consultancy in adventure park investment and to provide all kinds of support in the production, installation, and operation processes of your adventure park.

As Extreme Works, we have gathered some important issues that investors may need. You can find answers to your various questions regarding your adventure park investment in our articles where we will share our experience in the sector with you. The role of the right manufacturer in the adventure park investment, accident possibilities and risks, responsibilities, and potential mistakes of adventure park operators are just a few of them.

While working to contribute to the growth of the sector and prevent possible negative consequences, we aimed to provide a ground where anyone interested in the field can get information about investment and operation processes.

If you are aiming to make a complete adventure park & zipline investment and need more detailed information, you can contact us for any questions you may have and discover the Extreme Works privileges. We are happy to learn about your needs and see what we can do together.

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Adventure Park – Zipline Operator Responsibilities and Mistakes Made

When the accidents that occur in adventure parks, ziplines, and similar activity areas around the world are examined, it is seen that the problem is mostly caused by the negligence and mistakes of incompetent companies or individuals.
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Accident Probabilities – Risks and Hazards

When it comes to adventure areas, accidents are undoubtedly the biggest fear of everyone, from investors to operators, from manufacturers - builders to end-users. "Is it risky?", "Is it dangerous?" These questions are among the most frequently asked questions by investors and users.
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Buying and Partnership Models in Adventure Parks – Ziplines

Although the most preferred option is direct purchasing, other options can be evaluated according to the investment size and the expectations of the parties.
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Insurance of Adventure Parks and Ziplines

Adventure parks can be covered by insurance policies both during the installation and warranty, as well as during the operational processes.

Periodic Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs

There is a standard or test method determined for every product that can be found in adventure parks. EN 15567 - 1&2 standards cover construction, test, and inspection methods.
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Project, Product, and Idea Plagiarism

Projects, brands, products, and ideas that are copied and used without permission are frequently encountered in sectors where there is no professional competition, strong competitors, and a market regulated by an official institution. The adventure parks sector, unfortunately, faces similar drawbacks.
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Warning Signs, Camera, and Waiver Forms

Warning signs that should be used in adventure parks, Zipline, and similar entertainment areas are determined by the manufacturer and presented to the operator in a report at the delivery of the work.
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Adventure Park & Zipline Installation and Return on Investment

Although the investment costs of adventure areas such as adventure park (rope course, rope park, tree-top park), zipline, giant swing, ninja course are different, they are one of the most profitable investments in the entertainment sector, although their user capacities and therefore the return on investment (ROI) are different.
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After Sales Services

You have received your adventure park/product, zipline, etc. completely and the operation period has started. Everything is going well for now. So what kind of process awaits you from now on?
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Project Design, Agreement, and Post Processes

Macera parkı, ip parkuru, ağ parkuru, dev salıncak, tırmanma duvarı, zipline, survivor parkuru ve insan sapanı gibi yatırımları gerçekleştirmek üzere tarafımıza ulaşmanızın ardından, birlikte hangi aşamaları takip edeceğiz?

Personal Protective Equipment – Safety System Selection

The most important element of an adventure park are the lifelines and therefore the safety equipment used. Once the correct lifeline model is determined, it is necessary to select the most appropriate safety equipment for this lifeline model, course plan, target audience, and budget.
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Eco-Friendly Adventure Parks and Recreation Gain

There are tonnes of adventure parks all over the world that are completely free from aesthetic and architectural concerns. While the main idea is for children to have fun, learn, have a thematic experience, and expand their imagination, we see that the number of facilities that cannot be defined, incompatible with nature and unreliable, is increasing day by day.
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Adventure Park Standards and Independent Inspection Process

The construction of your adventure park or the settlement of other adventure activity areas has been completed. So how do you make sure they're safe?
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How Do I Choose the Right Adventure Park – Zipline Builder?

You want to invest in an adventure park or zipline and have started your research. Maybe you are also having some interviews. Well, do you know what to consider when making a decision? For example, how do you find the right manufacturer?

Adventure Parks Around the World

High rope courses have been used by France and Britain for training military units since the early 1900s. As the rope courses, which were originally part of the training program of qualified soldiers sent by these countries to the World Wars, spread to the civilian education and entertainment area after the war, the spread of the track culture gained speed.
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What is Zipline? How to Build a Zipline?

Ziplines are activity areas where users can slide from one point to the other with their harnesses over the steel wire ropes and trolleys built by taking advantage of the elevation difference between the two points