Adventure Park – Zipline Operator Responsibilities and Mistakes Made

When the accidents that occur in adventure parks, ziplines, and similar activity areas around the world are examined, it is seen that the problem is mostly caused by the negligence and mistakes of incompetent companies or individuals.

At this point, we can easily say that an investor or operator can prevent potential accidents that may occur in the future to a great extent by first agreeing with the right manufacturer, builder.

However, we know that rare accidents can occur in adventure parks established by professional companies in the world. These accidents are mostly caused by operational errors rather than material, production, or assembly. We can list the main mistakes caused by businesses as follows:

  1. Wrong staff selection,
  2. No routine observations and controls,
  3. Overcapacity customer or participant,
  4. Non-renewable security equipment,
  5. Avoiding changes and certification processes that should be carried out after the warranty,
  6. Avoiding periodic independent examination,
  7. Reporting, documentation deficiencies.

Operators should also be careful about:

– Daily activity schedules (opening-closing hours and all events covered by security, including observed errors/defects) should be kept. Daily charts should be kept for a minimum of three years.

– Accident-near-miss reports should be kept.

– PPE inspection record and activity logbook should be kept.

– A risk assessment and management plan should be prepared by the rope course operator. In case of breach of the general rules regarding supervision, a risk assessment and user’s manual should be provided.

– Training of trainers and rescue personnel must be documented.

– The manual provided by the manufacturer should be examined and kept in the facility continuously.

– The security and emergency plan should be reviewed and kept at the facility at all times.

– Tree evaluation reports (if tree evaluation is mandatory) should be prepared regularly.

– An up-to-date inspection report carried out by an inspection body must be available hanging at the facility.

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