Project, Product, and Idea Plagiarism

Projects, brands, products, and ideas that are copied and used without permission are frequently encountered in sectors where there is no professional competition, strong competitors, and a market regulated by an official institution. The adventure park market, unfortunately, faces similar drawbacks.

Companies that fail to be productive and innovative do not hesitate to copy the projects, designs, products, and even catalog and website texts of successful companies in an extremely disturbing way. The greatest risk associated with adventure parks copied in this way is the implementation of the project by the copying company by rote and as much as can be seen, and therefore the possibility of accidents caused by overlooked technical details. Although the imitation projects we see in giant swing, human slingshot, and zip line installations seem to be problem-free at first, it does not take long for problems to arise due to the lack of knowledge about building standards.

As Extreme Works, we work specifically for each adventure park, shaping each project differently than the other, producing and installing it. In addition to standard productions, each of our projects includes details that provide distinctive additions and customization of the individual/institution in line with the needs and demands of our customers.