Warning Signs, Camera, and Waiver Forms

Warning signs that should be used in adventure parks, Zipline, and similar entertainment areas are determined by the manufacturer and presented to the operator in a report at the delivery of the work.

In addition to the warning signs prepared by the manufacturer specifically for the adventure park, the business must be analyzed by an expert OHS company, and the most appropriate warning signs and signs should be placed for the area.

In addition to the signs that must be placed for the safety of users and viewers, before entering the adventure park, each user must read the usage agreement containing the facility rules and sign a form that he/she agrees to comply with these rules. These documents must be signed by their parents on behalf of users under 18. Therefore, those under the age of 18 should not use the park unless their parents are with them.

When the EN 15567-1 standard of adventure parks are examined, it is seen that prior to accession to the adventure park is NOT mandatory to fill in any forms. However, this is the most appropriate stage for specifying the facility rules and participatory characteristics. These contracts must not contain substances such as “The adventure park has no responsibility in case anything happens to me.” but it must consist of statements such as “I do not have any stitches on my body.”, “I do not have a sports ban.”, “I do not have a physical disability.”

After reading and signing the usage agreements, if possible, an adventure park usage training should be given in the area where audio camera recordings are made. All details regarding the training in question should be prepared by the adventure park builder company.

In addition to preparing the texts of special warning signs for all of the entertainment areas or components such as the adventure park, zipline, giant swing, climbing wall that it has delivered, Extreme Works does the necessary risk analysis and determines the training contents. In this way, the operator is provided with a comfortable and successful operation process.