Adventure Park Standards and Independent Inspection Process

The construction of your adventure park or the settlement of other adventure activity areas has been completed. So how do you make sure they’re safe?

There is a specified standard or test method for each product that can be included in adventure parks.

EN 15567 – 1 standard requires that the inspections of parks, zipline, and similar adventure products that have been assembled must be carried out by an independent organization with ISO 17020 certificate in accordance with EN 15567-1 standard. Let’s take a look at these inspection types together.

There are 2 types of inspections.

  1. Inaugural Inspection: It should be performed after the completion of all tests related to the park before the area is opened to customer visits. This inspection can be done by ISO 17020 Type-A Bodies. Type-A Bodies cannot carry out manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, consultancy, and management activities in the sector.

  2. Periodic Inspection: These are the inspections that should be done within 15 months at the latest after the first inspection and at regular intervals in the following years. Although these inspections are carried out by Type-A Bodies or Type-C organizations can do. Type-C organizations can actively operate in the sector, but cannot in any way inspect the adventure park-zipline to which they are connected.

As Extreme Works, we ensure that the inspections of all the adventure parks we have completed are carried out independently by local or foreign organizations in line with the investor demands. After this inspection, we continue to provide services to investors on many issues such as security certificates, licenses, insurance, and grant support.