Project Design, Agreement, and Post Processes

In this article, we will talk about what stages we will follow after you reach us to make investments such as adventure park, rope park, net track, giant swing, climbing wall, zipline, ninja course, and human slingshot.

Detection – Preliminary Study

In order to determine the most suitable products for the area you plan for installation, we first analyze the data from you. For example, we request basic information such as the geographical features of the area planned for zip line installation, the approximate length of the line, and the level difference between points. If the construction of the adventure park will take place in a forested area, we ask you to provide us with information such as tree species in the area, tree trunk diameters, and land features.

Thus, by completing the preliminary project, we send the proposal that we shaped in the light of the relevant data, together with the approximate price information, to you as soon as possible.

In case the details of the project and the budget are approved and approved, we start on-site investigations by making field visits to determine the detailed study, modeling, and technical specifications.

Projecting and Design

We design the mutually accepted adventure park products in the most appropriate way for the field and share the project with you, including alternative drawings.


We complete the agreement process by pricing the products of which the projecting phase has been completed in alternative ways.

Production and Application

We complete the installations by producing the products in the project in the promised time and specifications.

Independent Inspection

Adventure parks, rope parks, or ziplines that we have built are inspected by independent bodies in terms of compliance with international standards. Products are delivered when they receive the “safe” approval with the finest details.


After the installation of the adventure parks and zipline is completed, we provide theoretical and practical training for your team on operation processes and daily controls.


Depending on their features, all our adventure park products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for 1 to 10 years.

Periodic Maintenance and Repair

We follow the periodic maintenance calendars determined according to the features of the products in the after-sales technical service process.

Business Consulting

We always continue to support you in matters such as personnel selection and training, insurance, turnover tracking and control systems, marketing methods, and new adventure park & zipline investments.