After Sales Services

You have received your adventure park/product, zipline, etc. completely and the operation period has started. Everything is going well for now. So what kind of process awaits you from now on?

First of all, we must emphasize that documentation is of utmost importance in such high-risk jobs. Documentation must be done carefully, completely, and in an orderly manner by both the manufacturer and the operator. These recording and filing processes are also very important in terms of obtaining statistics of the park, facility, or product, identifying strong and weak points, and identifying parts that require attention. Keeping data in order makes it easier to provide customer-specific maintenance, repair, and exchange programs in addition to standard after-sales services.

For example, it is known that the corrosion-rusting observations of steel products made in the Turkey-Antalya region are very different from those in the Moskow-Russia region.

Customers other than the target group can have unexpected results in the way the adventure park is used, and therefore at wear points. In this case, the adventure park management team should make daily periodic observations and provide information to the producer in order to improve and make the facility more convenient. The manufacturer, the builder must also have the competence to respond to the needs of the enterprise in the fastest way possible.

Despite all the plans made, there may be some incompatibilities of the adventure park with the region, customer density, and target age group, or there may be parts that need improvement. In such cases, the manufacturer should take solution-oriented and swift action.

For example, if users get stuck in the same element, get disturbed at the same point, or complain about similar issues, a better solution should be sought even if it is safe, and necessary changes should be made quickly.

At this point, you need to question the manufacturer’s after-sales service opportunities today. You can see if you can get adequate and functional after-sales support in the future by asking the following questions.

– How many years of industry history does he have?

– Real producer or intermediary or individual enterprise?

– Is there enough manpower?

– Is there a transportation problem for your facility?

– Will the manufacturer be able to serve you for years with the price that you get agreed on?

– Can it guarantee spare parts after years, even for a fee?

– What is the level of satisfaction of current and former customers?

– What is the current status of the parks it delivered before?