Personal Protective Equipment – Safety System Selection

The most important element of an adventure park are the lifelines and therefore the safety equipment used. Once the correct lifeline model is determined, it is necessary to select the most appropriate safety equipment for this lifeline model, course plan, target audience, and budget.
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Eco-Friendly Adventure Parks and Recreation Gain

There are tonnes of adventure parks all over the world that are completely free from aesthetic and architectural concerns. While the main idea is for children to have fun, learn, have a thematic experience, and expand their imagination, we see that the number of facilities that cannot be defined, incompatible with nature and unreliable, is increasing day by day.
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Adventure Park Standards and Independent Inspection Process

The construction of your adventure park or the settlement of other adventure activity areas has been completed. So how do you make sure they're safe?
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How Do I Choose the Right Adventure Park – Zipline Builder?

You want to invest in an adventure park or zipline and have started your research. Maybe you are also having some interviews. Well, do you know what to consider when making a decision? For example, how do you find the right manufacturer?

Adventure Parks Around the World

High rope courses have been used by France and Britain for training military units since the early 1900s. As the rope courses, which were originally part of the training program of qualified soldiers sent by these countries to the World Wars, spread to the civilian education and entertainment area after the war, the spread of the track culture gained speed.
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What is Zipline? How to Build a Zipline?

Ziplines are activity areas where users can slide from one point to the other with their harnesses over the steel wire ropes and trolleys built by taking advantage of the elevation difference between the two points