Adventure Park & Zipline Installation and Return on Investment

Undoubtedly, the most important issue for the investor in the adventure park establishment processes is the financial parts of the business. Although the investment costs of adventure areas such as adventure park (rope course, rope park, tree-top park), zipline, giant swing, ninja course are different, they are one of the most profitable investments in the entertainment sector, although their user capacities and therefore the return on investment (ROI) are different.

It is a serious mistake for a manufacturer to say “the return on investment is … years” for an adventure park or similar adventure product. Because the party undertaking the construction of the adventure park usually cannot know whether the planned location is the right location, how much the rent or other special costs are, and the other expenditure costs (electricity, road, hut, infrastructure, etc.) that need to be made to make the investment available.

As Extreme Works, we report the number of entries, pricing, operation costs, fixed expenses, and annual maintenance expenses of the adventure parks that have been operated for years, and direct the investor to the most accurate products for the planned area. In these meetings, we make sure that new investors benefit from past experiences by mentioning previous investment and operating mistakes.

Based on the statistics of the successful adventure parks that have been established so far, 4 years after the establishment of the adventure park, mini activity areas such as a climbing wall, giant swing, human slingshot, zipline, bouncing nets, and ninja course should return their investments between 1 and 3 years. Significant changes in these times may mean problems in feasibility, selected products, or location.